Pantry Storage Solutions Akron Canton Ohio

Pantry Storage Solutions
Canton Akron Ohio

Get the Best Pantry Storage Solutions That Make Sense For Your Home

We help people like you in the Canton and Akron Ohio areas bring cool order to their pantry!

If your pantry area is a mess, you're not alone! Most pantry areas were built with consideration for storing food, not storing bunches of other items! At C-3 Custom Closets, we can build you a custom storage solution including sliding racks, open shelving, spice cabinets, even a piano hinged door with a sliding shelf that slides out! These ideas and other solutions are built specially for you and your lifestyle.

For the kitchen, we can build things like hideaway trash drawers for 1 or 2 cans and pullout shelves for appliances. We can also install drawers and remove space-wasting cabinets.

Store everything you need access to, whether it's multiple times a day, once a week, or a few times a year, quickly and easily.  Get fast access in your pantry to the things you need all the time such as:

  • Can Racks and Canned Foods
  • Dry Storage including Bulk Dry Storage
  • Spices
  • Tool Racks (For BBQ Tools and More)
  • Broom and Mop Racks
  • Non-Refrigerated Drinks/Drink Storage Racks
Pantry Storage Solutions Akron Canton Ohio
And you could use storage for other stuff too:
  • Easy Access to Crock Pots and Other Small Appliances
  • Built-In Electrical Outlets
  • Charging Stations
  • Cookbooks and Other Research Materials
And things you may need a little less often such as:
  • Baking Goods (Flour, Sugar, Shortening, Dried Yeast, etc)
  • Birthday Decorations
  • Holiday Decorations
  • Bulk or Extra Storage for Spices

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