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Canton Akron Ohio

Get the Best Garage Storage Solutions That Make Sense For You and Your Home

We help people like you bring order to the chaos in their garage in Canton and Akron Ohio!

If all or part of your garage is a cluttered mess, you're in good company! Garages were built to house vehicles, not store stuff! At C-3 Custom Closets, we can build you a custom storage solution that includes amazing storage upgrades such as cable protectors, overhead storage, ceiling mounts for bicycles, drawer storage for tools with customizable foam inserts, wall storage unit for electric and non-electric hand tools (tubular insert to hang, battery packs, charging stations, etc), corner storage units for lawn tools, charging station 'stations,' mesh net systems for balls hangs on wall, and other wall storage solutions!

Do you have any of these just laying around without a place to store them?

  • Hand Tools
  • Hand Power Tools
  • Standing Power Tools
Garage Storage Solutions Akron Canton Ohio
How about these:
  • Bicycles
  • Balls
  • Camping Supplies
  • Books
  • Boat, Canoe, or Kayak
  • Electronics
Why Get a Custom Storage System for Your Garage?
  • Everything In Its Place
  • Know When Something is Missing AND What It Is
  • Bring Order to the Chaos
  • Better Future Planning For Purchases
  • TOTAL Organization

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